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The Story of Easter Sunday Holiday 2023

  Easter Sunday 2023

Easter Monday

  • What is Easter Sunday?
  • Was Jesus really crucified?
  • What is Easter Monday?
  • What is Good Friday?
  • What is Easter Sunday Holiday?

The birth of Jesus Christ is as mysterious as his death. He comes into her mother's womb without any male contact. Which is unbelievable in today's science but this is true, the phenomenon is miraculous. Although he performed several miracles in public, most people did not accept him as the messenger of God. He said that whatever I do is right, because I do not do anything of my own mind but I do whatever my Father (Creator) tells me to do. 

No one in the world is innocent or perfect. All of us are guilty of sin in some way or another. The day of Judgment, these sins will cause us to go to hell. We can repent for our sins and ask for forgiveness from the Creator. God can forgive us or not according to his will. Jesus will intercede for us to God. It will increase our chances of getting forgiveness. 

We have bad habits like envy, hatred, pride, greed etc. As a result, we commit theft, robbery, murder, rape, corruption. If you commit a sin, the punishment is very severe. According to religious beliefs, Jesus Christ sacrificed his life for the forgiveness of sins for the salvation of mankind from this punishment. In the Roman Empire Pontius Pilate, who sentenced him to crucifixion.

Enraged by the Roman army, Jesus was placed inside a cave and its door was closed with a huge stone. But he miraculously came out of that cave on the third day. This is Jesus Resurrection Day or Star Sunday. Jesus shows his hands and feet to his followers to show them that he has returned. 

The resurrection of Jesus is celebrated every year by Christians with great enthusiasm. This day is celebrated as an important religious event in America, Europe, Russia and all over the world where Christian people live. As the day is a public holiday, people spontaneously go to religious places of worship and pray. 

The Day of crucifixion is Friday, it's also known as Great Friday, Holy Friday, Black Friday, and Great and Holy Friday. Easter is celebrated on Sunday and Monday because Jesus Christ was revived again 3 days after his crucifixion. There is no fixed date for Easter Sunday or Good Friday or Easter Monday, the dates change every year. But the day doesn't change.

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