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Padma Bridge Paragraph 2023

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  1. Padma Bridge paragraph***
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1. Padma Bridge Paragraph***

The construction of Padma bridge was completed under the Padma multi-purpose project and it was officially inaugurated by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on 25th June 2022. It was opened for public traffic from the next day. It is not only a bridge but it connects two towns. The construction of this bridge was not very easy as we know that Padma bridge is the a very flowing river after Amazon river so it was very challenging to install pillars here and due to this the construction of this bridge became very expensive. The Padma bridge has two parts, the lower part will carry high-speed trains and the upper part will carry normal vehicles. The bridge was designed by the American multinational company AECOM. The construction contractor is China Major Bridge Engineering Company. It is a two-layer bridge about five kilometers long and the cost of construction is about thirty thousand crores. First, Japan's JICA and the World Bank agreed to provide a loan for its construction costs. Later, when the World Bank filed a corruption complaint and withdrew from the loan, our friendly nation Japan was also forced to withdraw from the loan. Although their allegations of corruption were not proven in the international court of Canada. Later, when the construction of the Padma Bridge became uncertain, the Prime Minister took a bold decision to build the Padma Bridge with our own funds, as a result of which we got the Padma Bridge. Padma Setu is a matter of our great pride because Bangladesh is a small country but it is a proof that we can implement mega projects with our own funding. Many economic benefits are available from the Padma Bridge such as the livelihood of the people on the other side of the Padma River becomes easier and faster. Their produce can be sent to different parts of the country very quickly. The contribution of Padma Bridge to the GDP of the country is about 1.2%.

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