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May 1st | International Labor Day 2023

May Day

At the beginning of the industrial revolution, workers in Europe and America had no fixed working hours, so employers made workers work overtime. The duration of this work was sometimes from 12 to 16 hours. As a result, the mental health of workers continues to deteriorate, worker dissatisfaction occurs. The workers got together and started protesting for an 8-hour working day. In these mills, factories stopped working and the owners became angry with the workers. On May 1, 1886, four days of demonstrations continued in front of the Haymarket. The police made great efforts to break up the workers of this hartal assembly but they failed.

On May 4, an unidentified person threw a bomb in support of the owner and the police opened fire. As a result, seven police officers and four civilians died. Labor leaders are trapped by the machinations of the owners. As a result, hundreds of labor leaders were arrested and four labor leaders were executed by hanging in a mock trial. May 1 is observed as International Workers' Day to commemorate the 1886 Haymarket Incident in Chicago. On May 1, 1890, the United States and most European countries recognized the May Day protests. May Day was officially recognized at the Second International Congress in 1891. The then Soviet Union and the rest of Europe also recognized Labor Day. 

At present Labor Day is recognized all over the world and in every country the day is considered as the day of protection and victory of workers' interests. The day of the victory of workers against the barbaric oppression and inhumanity of industry owners. The day is known as May Day. Because of their sacrifice, eight hours have been established as working hours around the world. As activities on this day, workers observe work breaks, gatherings, marches and meetings and the day is a public holiday. Currently, factory owners have realized the dignity of labor and common people are also aware of the dignity of workers.

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