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The Story Behind the Earthquake in Turkey


Earthquakes are sudden and destructive natural disasters. Earthquakes occur for various reasons. The Earth mainly rests on seven major tectonic plates and some minor tectonic plates. The world does not stand still, the world keeps spinning. As a result these plates move away from each other very little or come close to each other or push each other. When these plates push each other or one goes under the other, then earthquakes are felt in the adjacent areas of the plates or in the surrounding area. Moreover, volcanic eruptions can cause earthquakes. In most cases, earthquakes occur because some glasses try to come out from the depth of the earth. Earthquakes cause great damage to people and property in the affected areas. Earthquake is a natural disaster that cannot be predicted because the ground of the earthquake is located very deep in the earth.

However, many studies show that some animals begin to behave strangely days or weeks before an earthquake, and many animals leave the area, suggesting that they sense the possibility of an earthquake. The intensity of an earthquake can be easily measured using the Richter scale. If the magnitude of the earthquake is below 5, it is considered a weak earthquake. Earthquakes from 5 to 6:30 are moderate, earthquakes from 6:30 to 10 are extremely destructive. 

We usually cannot feel earthquakes of weak magnitude. An earthquake can bring about several natural disasters. For example, if the origin of the earthquake is the bottom of the sea or is close to the sea, then after the earthquake, a very large tidal wave, the tsunami is created and the coastal area is inundated and causes flooding. Earthquakes usually last a few seconds and in some cases last 1-2 minutes. Japan, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Iran, and Turkey are earthquake prone countries. Moreover, earthquakes can cause landslides, building collapses, volcanic eruptions, etc.

However, in order to protect us from such an impending danger, we must be conscious about the causes and results of earthquakes. We should not build a house without the advice of experts so that it can survive in any earthquake. No building or structure is safe against earthquakes of extreme magnitude, but if the building is constructed according to the advice of the engineer and the building organization rules, then the building can withstand the earthquake. A devastating earthquake recently struck Turkey, killing thousands and collapsing hundreds of buildings. Moreover, the govt. should build a huge number of earthquake-shelter-centers and make the people aware about the impending earthquake through electronic media like radio, TV, etc. so that people can take necessary steps to save themselves.


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