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An Ideal Student & School Magazine Paragraph

Two important paragraphs are discussed below:
  1. An Ideal Student Or, A Good Student. ***
  2. School or College Magazine.***

An Ideal Student
Or, A Good Student

An ideal student is one who is good both in his/her studies and manners. He/She is not necessarily a brilliant student. However, he/she is very much regular and punctual in his/her studies. He/She attends his classes regularly and listens to his/her teachers attentively. He/She prepares his/her lesson in time and never leaves it undone. He/She leads a very disciplined as well as routined life. He/She gets up early in the morning and attends his/her lessons carefully. No wonder such a student always does well in the examination. An ideal student has some sterling qualities of head and heart. He/She is polite, modest and well-behaved in his/her manners. He/She is, again, honest, sincere, responsible and respectful to elders. An ideal student usually participates in sports for physical exercise and mental refreshment. Mentally pure, lofty and noble, such a boy/girl lives a very plain life.


  • What are the characteristics of a good student?
  • How does a good student spend his time?
  • How does a good student behave?
  • Why does an ideal student participate in sports besides studies?
  • When is a student liked by his teacher and parents?

School or College Magazine

School or college magazines reflect the creativity of teachers and students of that school or college. The depth of knowledge can be understood from the style and depth of students' writing. Every reputed school and college publishes a magazine every year under the auspices of the institution. A committee consisting of an editor and assistants is formed to publish in the newspaper, who call upon teachers and students to write creative stories, poems, novels, poetic compositions, essays, short stories. Doing something creative is always difficult and challenging. In this case, there is no opportunity to copy someone else's idea or content exactly. The creative writings collected from the teachers and students are reviewed by the committee and the best writings are selected for publication. In this case, along with the studies, the writing talent of the students is developed and in the future, they inspire themselves to build their careers in the fields of journalists, writers, writers, etc. Those whose writings are published in the newspaper understand that they have talent and through its reflection room they will be able to do better things in the future. Through school or college magazines students can learn a lot of new content. After all, the image of the educational system of the institution is published through the publication of newspapers or magazines from educational institutions.


  • What is meant by a school or college magazine?

  • Why are school or college magazines published every year?

  • Who gets the chance to write school or college magazines?

  • What is written about in the school or college magazine?

  • How do school or college magazines help students develop talent?

  • What is the importance of newspapers or magazines in acquiring knowledge?

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