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Spirit of Halloween America - Europe 2023


Halloween Pumpkin

 The Halloween festival appeared about 2 thousand years ago in Ireland and Scotland and its surrounding areas and every year at the end of October in Europe and America, the Halloween festival is celebrated with a very magnificent ghostly event. The word Halloween means holy evening. At this time, a large sweet pumpkin is cleaned well inside and cut into a ghostly shape and illuminated inside so that it looks very scary at night. Every day many such ghostly sweet pumpkins are kept. Halloween festival children have a lot of fun they dress up in different spooky decorations and go from house to house asking for trick or treat. give chocolate or we will scare you. People Keep a lot of chocolate in the house and give it to the them because no one wants to be afraid. In addition to various events, Halloween parties are organized where everyone, young and old, joins the party with ghosts and has fun.

The festival of Hallow started in a community in Ireland and England. They believe that the last night of October is a very bad and scary night for people. On this night, all the ghostly spirits of the world came down to earth and terrorized people. To protect themselves from this fear, they equip themselves with ghost costumes beds so that the ghosts do not recognize them and they escape from the terrible ghosts. All the relatives and friends used to spend the night wearing ghostly clothes and lighting a fire on this night. Although the Halloween festival is not a christans religions,  But people of Christianity and others celebrate this festival. In the beginning it was not known as Halloween, it was called All Hallows Eve. It is now known as Halloween worldwide. Sam-Hain is an Irish word meaning summer's end, meaning that this night was considered the last night of summer and the beginning of winter in the dark night. And they thought the night of October 31 was the worst night, a terrible night. The Hallween festival spread to the rest of Europe and America, now it is very popular in Asia and Africa.

On this day, people like to listen to Halloween songs, they like to watch new Halloween movies. Women love to cook horror Halloween cookies and they love to wear women's Halloween costumes. Everyone, don't forget to keep Halloween candy for the kids. People love to wait for Halloween. How many days they count until Halloween. Every city and town now looks like Halloween City or Halloween Town. People wish each other Halloween. Kids love to dress up in scary Halloween costumes. Children and women discuss with each other to create new Halloween costume ideas. Couple and family Halloween costumes are very popular this time. Indoor and outdoor Halloween decoration of every house is very important for European and American citizens. Many people like to wear funny Halloween costumes. Many of them like funny Halloween jokes. However, it has a great economic value as during this time shopkeepers and shops buy and sell millions of dollars worth of goods like clothes, decorative items, foods, etc.

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