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Paragraph on Traffic Jam 2023

 Traffic Jam Paragraph  

 Traffic jam is one of the most important problems in our country. Traffic jams are seen in all the cities of the country but Dhaka is one of them. If the road space is not increased at the rate of population growth, traffic congestion will intensify. Suppose you are out on the streets of Dhaka to go to office or some urgent work or hospital but first you get stuck in traffic and then you cannot reach on time. As the population increases, the number of private cars or buses or other vehicles increases but the number of road space does not increase so you do not get rid of the problem of traffic jam due to roads. Our cities also do not have good traffic management and traffic jams can occur due to drug use or incompetent drivers. Getting stuck in traffic jams will waste your valuable time and you will be very bored. Traffic jams cost thousands of crores of taka due to loss of valuable timeTo solve this problem firstly road width should be increased secondly traffic law should be informed and strict enforcement of law should be done and people should be aware everyone should use public transport instead of Private transportation.


  • What is a traffic jam?

  • Where are the most traffic jams in Bangladesh?

  • What is the role of traffic jams in making Dhaka a polluted city?

  • Why is Dhaka in Bangladesh and Delhi in India the worst in terms of pollution?

  • Why are the roads inadequate compared to the population of the city?

  • How is overpopulation the main cause of traffic jams?

  • Why do people of Bangladesh don't want to follow rules and regulations?

  • What can the governments of both countries do to protect Delhi and Dhaka from pollution?

  • How do development activities cause traffic jams?

  • How does the cost of working hours of people stuck in traffic jams negatively affect the economy?

  • How can inefficient drivers cause traffic jams?

  • How does traffic jam cause noise pollution?

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