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Composition On The Season You Like Most In Bangladesh 2023


Write a composition in not more than 200 words about 'The Season You Like Best'. Or, Write a short composition about 'The Rainy Season' or 'The Season You Like Most'.


There are six seasons in Bangladesh. The rainy season is one of them. It is the season of clouds and rain. The months of Ashar and Sraban make the rainy season. I like this season best.

During this season, the sky is often covered with clouds. Sometimes it drizzles and sometimes it rains heavily. It rains and rains for days together. Thunder roars and the lightning flashes in the sky at random. During the monsoon, rivers, canals, ponds, and ponds become filled with water. People move about by boats.

The southwest monsoon blows along with maximum water vapour. When it comes in touch with cooler air, it turns into clouds. And it causes rainfall in Bangladesh. Thus, the rainy season sets in.

The sky often remains cloudy in the rainy season. Sometimes, the sun becomes invisible. It always rains. Sometimes, it rains cats and dogs. The weather is foul. People face difficulties when it rains for hours or days together

The rainy season is the gift of nature in Bangladesh. Its economic importance cannot be denied. Rainfall during monsoon restores vigor and vitality to plants and on the other hand increases soil fertility by bringing silt which helps in producing additional crops. Bangladesh is an agricultural land. During this season, paddy and jute are grown in plenty. So, timely rainfall is a blessing to the farmers. We have a good supply of fish in this season.

The rainy season also has its disadvantages too. Sometimes, roads and villages go underwater and it damages crops and lives. Roads become muddy and slippery. The poor suffer much for want of their daily necessaries.

Though people suffer in many ways in the rainy season, its economic value is great. It helps nature to regain a new life.

Question And Answer:

1. What time of the year do you like?

Ans. One season every two months Bangladesh has six seasons of 12 months. Rainy season, which is my favorite.

2. Why choose the rainy season and not other seasons?

Ans. During the rainy season, school is closed for a long time, during this time we hang out with friends at home and talk and have a lot of fun because of this, my favorite rainy season.

3. What are the benefits of rainy season?

Ans. During the rainy season, excessive rainfall clears the sky of dust and dirt, plants are almost alive, people get some time off from the pressure of work, moreover, the rain water causes flooding and the resulting increase in the fertility of the land from the river helps in crop production.

4. What are the harmful aspects of the rainy season?

Ans. Flooding is the main disadvantage of monsoon season. Floods inundate large parts of our country causing disruption of crop production and crop damage causing financial loss to farmers which threaten our food security. Waterlogging of roads and vehicular disruption is other problems of monsoons.

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