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Essay on Floods In Bangladesh For JSC, SSC, HSC 2023

 Natural Calamities
Natural Disasters 
Floods In Bangladesh


Write a short composition about 'Floods in Bangladesh' or 'Natural Calamities of Bangladesh/ India.

Bangladesh is a riverine country. So, floods occur almost every year in the country. Sometimes, they become very serious and cause great harm to us.

The most common cause of floods in Bangladesh is excessive rainfall. Sometimes other natural disasters such as cyclones, tides, and ice melting due to climate change cause flash floods. Floods harm us more than any other disaster. They damage crops, and houses and cattle are washed away. Trees are uprooted. Fields and roads go underwater, communication is cut off. Most of the villagers become shelterless.

Floods have started occurring in Bangladesh since 1954. In that year, houses, roads, and crop lands went underwater, and crops were seriously damaged. Since 1974, many floods have hit Bangladesh, including 1984, 1987, 1988, 1998, and 2004, people and animals are in serious danger, and many lives have been lost. Dead bodies of people and animals can be seen floating on the river bank. The flood of 1989 was the worst and worst among the floods. Nearly one-third of the country remained underwater for about five months. It continued till the end of the autumn season.

People in the developed world emit excess carbon into the environment through factories, vehicles, and various types of experiments, nuclear bomb tests, missile tests, etc., which causes global warming in countries like Bangladesh.

Famine comes in after the floods. People die of starvation. The scarcity of pure drinking water is found everywhere. As a result, diseases like cholera, typhoid, and dysentery break out in epidemic form. 

However, floods bring in silt. They fertilize our lands. Floods sweep away wastage, dirty and filthy substances, rubbish, and germs of diseases. But their demerits outweigh the merits.

Steps should be taken to check floods. Floods can be controlled by dredging riverbeds by digging canals, and by erecting embankments.

Floods are the natural and national calamities of Bangladesh. They cause widespread havoc. So, our government has given priority to flood control schemes. We appreciate it.


  • What Is GreenHouse gas?
  • Why do natural disasters happen?
  • What are the man-made causes for natural disasters?
  • Why is Bangladesh affected by floods every year?
  • What harm do floods do to us?
  • Why are developed countries responsible for natural disasters?
  • How we can reduce the damage of natural disasters?
  • Why does disease increase after floods?
  • What diseases occur after flood?
  • What steps should the government take for long-term relief from floods?

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