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Aim In Life Composition For Class 6, 7, 8, 9, SSC, HSC

Aim In Life

Write a short composition about 'Future Plan of Your Life' or 'Your Aim in Life'.


  I slept and dreamt that life is beautiful. I woke up and found that life is full of duties. Everyone must have an Aim in life,  without it none can prosper in life. This world is like an ocean and we are like boats, our aim is like the helm. If we have no aim we cannot reach the goal.

 I am a student now. I am doing my best to acquire knowledge. But I have an aim of my own. My aim is to serve the people.  So,  I can do it if I become a doctor. For this,  I have decided to be a doctor. Finally, I have chosen to take the medical profession. Most of the people of our country are poor and illiterate. They do not know the laws of health and the Villagers do not get help and advice from good doctors. so they suffer from the disease. I have no money for medical treatment and medicine. I think the profession of medical will be helpful to them. For this reason, I chose the medical profession.

After passing the SSC examination well,  I will read the pre-medical course. Next, I will join any medical college for the MBBS degree. After taking a medical Degree  I will go to the village. There I shall open a medical center and I will treat the poor free and they will bless me. I shall take money only from the rich. It will be a good service to the poor people and the villages.

 A man without aim is like a Boat with a rudder.  An aimless man cannot prosper in life. Success in life depends on the right choice of career. so we should choose our aim wisely. 


Future Plan of Life

"A future plan" or "An aim" is a guiding force. It helps us to reach the proper goal in life. So, one must choose an aim in life or a future plan of one's life. A life without an aim or plan is like a boat without its rudder. Success in life requires proper planning and hard work. Success is achieved only by setting goals and working hard. People without goals cannot succeed.

Generally, people make plans. It depends on individual taste or will. National interest should also be considered in choosing the aim of life. So, I want to be a doctor.

Now, I am an SSC/JSC candidate. After passing the examination, I wish to complete the HSC in a pre-medical group. Then I shall seek admission to a medical college. When I am a medical graduate, I shall go to my own village to serve my village people.

Most of our villagers are poor and illiterate. They cannot afford money for their health. They are deprived of proper medical treatment. So, I have made up my mind to serve the suffering humanity. The medical profession is a good profession. It enables a man to earn money easily. Besides, a man loves a doctor with heart and soul. A doctor tries his best to save the patient but still he has to depend on the creator because life and death are in the hands of the creator. I will try my best to realize my future life plan.

I shall set up a charitable dispensary in my village for the good of the poor villagers. I must render my service to them. I shall give them medicine and other medical aids at a cheap rate.

In my opinion, a man can offer the best services to his country as a doctor. He is the "life-stone" of the countrymen. So, I think my choice or aim in life will be beneficial to me and others as well.

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