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Paragraph On Calamities For Class 6,7,JSC,SSC,HSC 2023


What Is GreenHouse Gas?


India/Bangladesh is a country that experiences natural Disasters/calamities almost every year. I experienced various sorts of natural calamities in my life as I am a son of this soil. Among all these calamities, the devastating flood of 1988 is still vivid in my memory. Eight districts in the southwest of Bangladesh had been inundated raptly. The areas which were inundated had been flooded for long six months. All the kacha houses were washed away by the devastating flood. Almost all the trees were uprooted. Due to the destruction of houses, roads, and crops economic depression, and food and clothing problems were imminent. As a result, the number of people homeless, clothe less, and foodless is increasing day by day. After the floods, government and private organizations and NGOs increased aid cooperation, but it was not enough, and its aid could not reach everywhere equally, as a result of which many people died due to various infectious diseases, and lack of clean water and food. There broke out diarrhea in an epidemic form that took away many lives. Being a resident of Patuakhali, I have seen the gruesome bodies of people and other animals floating in the water after the disaster. When I remember the terrible disaster of that day, still my heart trembles.


  • Have you ever experienced a natural disaster?
  • When did you experience it?
  • Can you remember the devastation caused by it?
  • Describe what happening!
  • How do you feel when you remember it?

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